Since Adam's disobedience, man is under the curse (doomed to fail and hell) because he is separated from God (Rom. 5 v 12). Jesus came to restore his initial condition; ' Be with God ' (Rom 5 v 10). Thus, those who believe that Jesus is Christ, are reconciled with God and can thus enjoy the blessings prepared for man in the beginning (Jn 1 v 12). The Children of God are therefore the happiest. However, many of us do not realize this and are deceived by appearances, complaining like everyone else (Es 8 v 12). Since the Lord is omniscient, he is not surprised by the unexpected that we can face (1Sam 2 v 3). Moreover being omnipotent, he has full control of events, which he allows to bless us (Jer 29 v 11). If we understand this, and also the fact that it is omnipresent, we will be able to proclaim with confidence, as David "when I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear none because you are with Me" (Ps 23 v 4).

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