Satan has always been through the high authorities and people of influences of every era, to control culture in order to keep men in perversion and idolatry (1r 14 v 16; Dan 3 v 5-6). He thus never ceased to oppose the plan of God and seek to make him fail, but without success (Exodus 1 v 22; Matthew 2 v 16). In the same way that he aroused lust and pride in the heart of Adam and Eve, he continues until today to make men believe that they can do without God, or make them believe that they are themselves their own God. Thus he afflicts mankind with increasingly serious spiritual problems (Gen 6 v 4) and leads him to the formation of various mystical and diabolical organizations (religions, New Age) (Genesis 11 V4), which inevitably leads them to decline and Perdition. In the Face of all this the church seems powerless, but this is not the case. Indeed, even if it is called "The God of this century" (2Cor 4 v 4), Satan cannot act beyond the limits which God fixes to him (Job 1 v 12 and 2 v 6). Moreover, Satan and his demons were defeated at the Cross (Col 2 v 15) and those in Christ also have victory over them (Luke 10 v 20). Satan knows that although all men are under his bondage since the fall of Adam (Heb. 2 v 15), they just have to believe in Jesus, that they may come out of his grasp and be saved (Jn. 1 v 12). His only true strength lies then in falsehood and seduction (Ephesians 6 v 11). It is thus Satan, who is in reality without force in front of the church that Christ has established (Mt 16 v 18-19), to fulfill his sovereign will, which is World Evangelization (Mt 28 v 18-20; ACT 1 v 8). It is up to us to realise who we are and to stand up by holding this as an alliance, in order to prosper God's work by saving souls (Es 53 v 10).

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