The characteristic sign of those who love God is obedience. When we enjoy this intimate relationship with him, our love manifests itself in that we seek to know the desires of his heart. If Christ is precious to me, I would be attentive to his word. Many Christians did not keep his commandments (Jn. 14:21). If our ears were awakened “every Morning” (Isaiah 50:4), we would have his commandments and would know his thought and what he desires. As a thoughtful and attentive son, I can discover the desires of my father. “The Secret of the Lord is for the heart who fear him” (Psalms 25:14).
My business is not to straighten the world, but to walk as a Christian by manifesting the character of Christ. The necessary thing would be to straighten my own march and that of other Christians. It is not dangerous, as is often said, to be on the mountain, but to have been there. When Paul came down from the third heaven, he needed a splinter in the flesh. The danger to him was to say: “No one but you, Paul, has been there!”
We have become letters of Christ and we have to manifest the life of Jesus in our bodies. All I do should be the expression of my heart’s attachment to Christ and his manifestation with others. The measure of our march is what is worthy of the Lord, not of Man (Colossians 1:10).

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