2 Timothy 2:1-5: "Thou Therefore, my child, strengthen yourself in the grace which is in Jesus Christ. And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust it to faithful men, who are able to teach it to others as well. Suffers with me, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. He is not a soldier who is embarrassed by the affairs of life, if he wishes to please the one who enlisted him; And the athlete is not crowned, if he did not fight according to the rules. ".
Praying fervently, we give God the opportunity to act by our means, which is why we fervently desire the Holy Spirit to call or awaken intercessors.
The Devil employs 6 formidable weapons to paralyze the wings of prayer in the Children of God:


We are talking about paralysing fatigue that makes it impossible to pray with continuity for a subject. However, we affirm that this supernatural fatigue can be overcome precisely by prayer.

Isaiah 40:29: "He gives strength to him who is tired, and he increases the vigor of the one who fails".

By throwing yourself into the river of prayer you will find a real comfort and a new strength.

  • A distracted Mind

You are unable to concentrate. All sorts of things come to occupy your mind. You notice with dismay that while you pray your thoughts travel, you do not know where you can defeat this weapon of the enemy by praying out loud. David says in Psalm 55:17-18: "And I cry to God, and the Lord will save me, in the evening, in the morning, and at midday, I sigh and I moan, and he will hear my voice"…

  • Inner agitation!

An inexplicable inner agitation seizes you. Know that you can overcome it by praying, whatever the cause, whether it is sin, nervousness or disbelief. "Psalm 55:23, 42:12, 37:5, 39:10"

It is only by prayer that you will be rid of your inner agitation.

  • Discouragement

Discouragement paralyzes many intercessors. To be discouraged implies that one does not look far enough or high enough where the Lord is. The Bible recommends "Let's take a look" the meaning in is let us turn visible things to contemplate it in prayer. You may be discouraged because of your weakness, ashamed of your faults, abashed by the hardness of men or by disappointing circumstances. So listen to the word of Paul: 2 Corinthians 4:8: "We are in a hurry anyway, but not reduced to the extremity; In distress, but not in despair. "

Isaiah 35:3-4: "Fortify the languid hands, and steady the knees which stagger; Tell those who have troubled hearts; Take courage, fear not; Behold your God, vengeance shall come, the recompense of God; He will come himself, and save you. "

There is only one possibility to get rid of your discouragement: solemn prayer-in advancing this principle, it seems that invisible powers would like to prevent me from saying things as they are.

  • Laziness

Satan uses this pernicious weapon against those who have the desire to become intercessors. He uses the laziness of the flesh and his inability. You kneel, well determined to pray; But here you can hardly form any word everything is so painful the flesh and unable to pray.
How can you be freed from this terrible laziness of this inability to beg? The answer is nothing but this one pray, Bible in hand; Read aloud the promises of God that relate to the prayer Jesus affirmed in Matthew 7:7. You suddenly notice that the spark of prayer lights up in you and that your laziness disappears by praying according to his word.

  • The haste

The weapon that Satan probably uses with the most success and haste that the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 8:3. Do not hurry to get away from him, and do not persist in a bad thing: because he can do whatever he pleases.

Isaiah 55:2-3: "Why do you weigh money for what does not nourish? Why do you work for what doesn't satisfy you? Listen to me, and you will eat what is good, and your soul will delight in succulent dishes. Lend your ear, and come unto me, listen, and your soul shall live I will deal with you with an everlasting covenant.

By your perseverance in prayer your agenda of the day will feed upon the divine sources of God's power, and you will find with amazement that the moment spent begging ardently was the best part of your time.


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