Act 1:1 Théophile, I spoke, in my first book, of all that Jesus began to do and teach from the beginning.
We are disheartened to find ourselves so pitiful from time to time. The people in the Bible seem to be so great that we can't even compare ourselves to them. Among them, Joseph rejoiced in the first place of the answer to get to the spiritual Summit. God raised him as the greatest leader of Egypt and gave him the response of the Summit of skill that saved the neighboring nations who were starving. The response of the cultural Summit that followed was something very natural. In order to receive the greatest answer that God gives as Joseph, what is the Alliance to which we must stand?
1. The best of what is small
Many people commit themselves to devote themselves to God after receiving great answers and blessings. However, the important thing is the order. Joseph, who was a slave, experimented with the power of God who was with him, just as he did little things carefully. The land where Moses received the answer to save the world was also Midian who seemed insignificant from where he fled. David also did his best when he was a simple Shepherd. And he was finally established as King and finished all the preparations for the construction of the temple. Thus the response of the spiritual Summit, the Summit of competence and the cultural Summit begins from an insignificant place.
2. The best of today
One day can be ordinary or repetitive for some people. However, our today in which God is with us is different. Jethro did not let go of the day when he met Moses. Rahab has also made this day a unique response. In the midst of great crisis, Obadiah, a widow in Sarepta and Shunamite did not leave the day when they met an evangelist and transformed it into a day of blessing.
3. The best of the future
We are the people of the Covenant for whom the best future is guaranteed because of the Gospel. If we defy in faith by seizing this promise, God will give us the unique answer. Also, it will lead us where no one can go. In addition, he promised the divine power for the work that no one else can accomplish. If we do the Office of the Church and our occupations (business, Academy) with the 5 powers of God (spiritual power, intellectual power, physical power, financial power, power of man) entrusted to us, we will be the main figures of global evangelization soon.
God! Allow me to rejoice in Emmanuel, to do my best in the little things and leave behind me today that you gave me as a masterpiece. That way, allow me to be a main figure of global evangelization that saves the future.

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