Exodus 20:13 thou shalt not kill.

Just like homicide, or killing another person, is murder, committing suicide, killing himself, is also murder. Many psychologists take into account psychological pressure and stress as the cause of suicide, and sociologists say that people commit suicide because of environmental or financial factors. These diagnoses are all correct, but they cannot cure the fundamental problem of suicide. What should we do to prevent suicide?

1. The basic reason

Financial problems, loneliness, depression, mental disorders, and others can all be causes of suicide, but are not the fundamental reason. We need to know that this comes from a long-standing spiritual problem. A person has the instinct to try to overcome the ordeal and survive when faced with it. Committing a homicide or suicide is the result of being spiritually captivated by Satan. We can confirm this fact in the Bible as well. King Saul had been afflicted by demonic spirits since the beginning of his reign over Israel. (1 Samuel 16:23) During the war against the Philistines, his sons died in battle, and he was wounded by an arrow and finally committed suicide with his own sword. Judas Iscariot, who was in charge of the finances among the disciples of Jesus, sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and committed suicide. (Matthew 27:5) That’s because Satan came into him. (Jn. 13:27)

2. The healing of 4 conditions

To save a person who thinks about suicide, we have to contact her personally, see the four conditions, and heal them. First, we need to know the fact that suicide is a disease where the person is seized by Satan and we must heal the person spiritually. Also, through prayer, we must heal the brain of the person who is printed from spiritual problems. Through this, we must help them to root themselves in correct thoughts by healing their thoughts and their way of life, and by helping them to make that their nature.

3. The method

What can save and heal a person is only the word of God. (Heb. 4:12) The key to healing is how much the person prints this word, roots it, and makes it its nature. If the word of God that has the power of life enters into the mind and soul, then anyone can receive the true healing. For this, we need to heal the physical body first through physical exercise and speech-based breathing. This is because the heart and thought are perverted by physical disease, and spiritual problems appear as a result. If a person listens to the word, memorizes it, or transcribes the word so that the correct thoughts can be printed in the brain and heal the brain through these fingerprints, the spiritual problem will begin to heal.

Lord! Grant me the spiritual strength to overcome all hardships and circumstances. Allow me to save those who have been deceived by Satan and fallen into the trap of suicide.

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