Genesis 26:12 ~ 22 Isaac SEMA in this country and he gathered this year the hundredfold; For the Lord blesses him. This man became rich and he went on to enrich himself more and more, until he became very wealthy. (12 ~ 13)

God's covenant never changes. (Isaiah 40:6 ~ 8) God gave Isaac the alliance of World Evangelization: "In thy seed, all the nations of the earth shall be blessed." (Gen. 26:3-4). This was the same for the alliance of the seed of the woman who broke the curses of Genesis 3, the Ark Alliance that stopped the disasters of the Giants, the alliance of the exodus to liberat[les Israélites]e from slavery and the Covenant of Christ who solved all the problems. When ISAAC received blessings according to the word, the Philistines envied and intimidated him. However, ISAAC received three answers in the midst of such crises.

What are they?
1. The response of one hundred years

ISAAC sowed in this country and harvested the same year at the Hundredfold (Gen. 26:12). He received a hundred years ' response. The Lord has blessed him and the man has become prosperous and has earned more and more money until he becomes very wealthy. He had herds and many servants. It was because these were absolutely necessary for world evangelization. God has prepared the response of a hundred years, even for us evangelists. All we need is to realize the True Covenant God has given us.

2. The source of Blessing

The Philistines envied Isaac and arrested and filled all the wells of Abraham with Earth (26:15). However, Isaac got the source of wells. (19) This is the source of God's blessing. God's answer is spiritual and comes from above. Therefore no man can perceive this. That is why we must not be deceived by the envy and deceit of the forces of darkness. We must believe in the Word of God, who promised us the source of wells.

3. The Blessing of Rehoboth

When Isaac found a source of wells, the shepherds of Gerar argued with the shepherds of Isaac and obtained the Esek well. In addition, they fought over another well and obtained the Sitnah shaft. ISAAC moved from there and dug another well and they stopped quarrelling. So he named it Rehoboth. In this way, the forces of darkness are trying to deceive us because we are evangelists in difficult circumstances. But there is no reason to fear that. It is because God is in the midst of such difficulties and grants us the blessing to turn a misfortune into a blessing. All we need to do is seize God's covenant in all circumstances.

God! Let us not be deceived by crises, but that we may seize the Covenant of God. That our studies and our affairs are within the Covenant of God.

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