Genesis 32:24-32

God does not want his children to lack food and shelter in this world. If we ignore the heart of God, we spend our time chasing the necessity of life as Jacob. Therefore, we are doomed to collapse before a great crisis. He gave us the answer to prepare the gospel message and what is needed for world evangelization in order to overcome Satan, the disasters and the background of hell. In addition, he gave us the blessing of the throne and the power to perceive the future he has bestowed upon us. Just as he gave Jacob the new name of Israel, what are the three things he prepared for us who will live as true Israel?

1. Mahanaim (the Army of God)

God mobilized his heavenly angels every time Jacob met a critical moment in his life (Gen. 32:1-6). God mobilized the background of the throne which is the most precious blessing that was to mobilize his celestial angels and the background of the throne during the important calendar of the Israelites who were leaving Egypt and faced a major crisis like that of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:19). Great works begin to occur when the children of God believe and enjoy this truth.

2. The calendar of the Ford of Jabbok

At the time of the crisis, Jacob neglected everything and remained alone on the ford of Jabbok (32:24). When he fled to his uncle Laban, he contemplated the Covenant he received and began to pray. At that time, God’s answers began to manifest. Jacob did not need a different answer. As he struggled against an angel, Jacob seized only the Covenant and demanded the Grace of God. Then God gave him the great answer to change his name from Jacob to Israel.

3. Peniel

Jacob was able to hear God’s call in the midst of a great crisis. He put himself in front of God and experimented with God’s plan. He heard God’s call in relation to his entire life. Similarly, a crisis is a great opportunity for the children of God to experience that God is with us. Then we will be able to rise to the challenge to receive answers to save the world with the invisible power of God.
God! Allow me not to lose the most precious Alliance. May the Word of God reign over life and bless me so that I may witness the Christ and the Kingdom of God.

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