The disciples formerly had been incapacitated in their service, for three things were lacking: faith, prayer, and fasting (mark 9:18, 19 and 28, 29). Faith counts on God and on God alone, she believes in her power and believes only in her power; While human resources bear witness to a certain confidence, perhaps unconfessed, in man and in his resource. A new cart drawn by oxen, it seems so much better, to carry the Ark, than the shoulders of the Levites! But the oxen bronked, Uzza stretched out his hand to seize the Ark and was immediately the object of God's judgment, David irritated and feared God, and the Ark could not be brought back to Jerusalem. These are the results of what has not been done "in accordance with the Ordinance"! While David and the people act in obedience to the word, God helps the Levites; It is not said how, but a special relief was granted to them, that which God always gives to those who are in the place where he wants them and who serve according to his thought. When one does not believe that God can all and that only he can everything, we try to do, with great zeal, what we think God could not do! Through prayer, we manifest our dependence on God and our trust in him; in fasting, we refrain from what feeds the flesh and thus prevent us from discerning the will of God (Romains12:1-2). Let us note, in this regard, that we are often persuaded not to act by the flesh because there is nothing in our action of what characterizes "the works of the flesh" as enumerated in Galatians 5:19-21; but the flesh has other aspects and, in particular, a religious aspect which is undoubtedly the most dangerous of all. It is in this area that the presence of the flesh is, more than anywhere else, difficult to discern: it hides under the most beautiful appearances of Godliness; It is not anything other than hypocrisy. Many of the external activities that are believed to be spiritual are perhaps, in the end, only carnal activities. The flesh always delights in a great activity; If the fasting is not fulfilled, in secret with God, the flesh manifests itself, there is no longer the discernment of the divine will and one is thus led to do what is wrong, in the eyes of God, while firmly believing to accomplish the good. God bless us!

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