Romans 16:27 to God, only wise, or glory to the centuries, by Jesus Christ! Amen!

Many people try to cover up their old problems and pretend to live well. At this rate, the Christian March becomes more difficult and the gospel and their own lives are not in agreement. Even if they lead a Christian march, they live with discouragement. We are the evangelists who give the answers to these long-standing problems. If we really focus on the word and the prayer, our soul will be restored and once that happens, our heart, our thoughts and our body will be restored. As we know, how can we give people answers?

1. These things to prepare-cure impotence (disasters)

In order to heal the time of disasters, we must prepare the blessings that God has already given. First, it is the spiritual summit that is the blessing given to the children of God. Then we can become the top of the skills. When we become the spiritual summit, we see everything, then, we become the pinnacle of skills where the blessings of recreation arise and then we receive the response from the cultural summit where we triumph without fighting.

2. Physical illnesses

From there, the opportunities where we can save the physically ill people with the method of God, which is Christ, the Kingdom of God and the mystery of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. God cured the lame man sitting in front of the door called the beautiful through stone. When we possess this mystery, the works of God that no one else can accomplish begin through us. God has already given us the complete gospel that changes the fingerprints, the root and the nature of people with physical illnesses.

3. Spiritual Illnesses

In these days, spiritual illnesses such as mental illness, depression, panic attacks have become more serious problems. In particular, many foreigners, refugees and North Korean defectors are already living with many spiritual problems. Only the word of God has the mystery to save and help these people. We must acquire strength in the word and when we live with this force of God, we are not only able to heal our own spiritual illnesses, but also the spiritual diseases of the field.

Lord! That I can heal the things that are long in the field with the Gospel and that you may use me to cure physical illnesses and spiritual illnesses

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