Acts 1:3 after he had suffered, he appeared to them alive, and gave them several proofs, showing themselves to them for forty days, and speaking of the things which concern the Kingdom of God.

Huge conglomerates that make the world move are directed by the vast majority of non-believers. They have invested their wealth and established religious institutions, but these people and their posterity walk slowly on the path of destruction gradually without knowing why. On the other hand, the children of God know the reason but do not have the power. That is why we have to sit at the head of the spiritual summit. From the moment we are established at the spiritual headquarters which is God’s hidden plan, all things begin to change. What do we have to do to keep up with the summit God has prepared?

1. What doesn’t get in place

Take up the challenge to what you absolutely need to do but who does not put in place. Many people are abandoning things that are not being put in place and are unable to overcome them. Getting out of Rome was absolutely God’s will. However, that did not happen. In this work, the primitive church and church leaders took up the challenge. At that moment they began to see “me that God has created”, “the things that God has created and belong to me:, and” My land that God has given me. “

2. Where no one is going

We have to go where no one is going. Then we can see that people have fallen into traps. (Genesis Chapters 3, 6, 11) Moreover, we will see that they are bound by the frameworks of religion, thoughts, and ideologies (Acts chapters 13, 16, 19) and in the pitfalls of their personal destiny (6 states of non-believers). It is the spiritual state in which they are bound to become ill.
3. What no one can do – spiritual healing, Spiritual summit

Not even a doctor or a scientist can accomplish spiritual healing. For this work that no one can do, Jesus Christ came. Christ broke the authority of Satan (Gen. 3:15) and called us as the spiritual summit. The principalities and the power of the world are the summits of Satan. We must pray about such people, the leaders of the world, and against the wicked Spirits in heavenly places.

Lord! That I find the answer to go to the spiritual summit and take up the challenge to what is not put in place. That I go where no one is going and that I do the work that no one can do.

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