Many women have been writing, influencing and marking our history for centuries. They have aroused the respect and admiration of many hearts and here are the names of some of them. There is the courageous Joan of arc, Queen Victoria, the woman of science Marie Curie (1867-1934), Margareth Thatcher nicknamed “the Iron Lady”.

There is also the courageous Rosa Parks (1913-2005), the benevolent mother Thérèsa (1910-1997) who for more than 40 years devoted her life to the left behind. The famous host Oprah Winfrey without forgetting Condoleezza Rice is important during the term of the American President Georges W. Bush; Henriette Ekwè, political woman, activist for democracy and human rights, in Africa. And finally the 17-year-old Pakistani Malala Yousafzai who received the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 for her fight for the education of young girls. It is in the end of conviction, passion and courage that each of these women stood up and acted in favour of the cause which was important to them, thus marking their generation.

Each of these women pushes us to be proud of our identity, and teaches us that nothing can prevent us from influencing the world.

However, it is impossible for me not to cite those women whose history is told by the Bible and which have marked their time and whose courage still appeals to us today.

We have for example Abigaïl (1 Samuel 25:1-35; Matthew 5.9), Deborah the judge (Judges 4.5), Anne the mother of Samuel (Samuel 1) Anne the prophetess (Luke 2:36-38), the surprising Moabite Ruth, Queen Esther, widows in the time of the prophets, Mary and Marthe (Luke 10.38 -42), the woman with perfume (Luke 7.36-8.3), the woman to the loss of blood (Matthew 9.20). The woman Samaritaine (John 4.3 -30 and 39-42), Phoebé (Romans 16.1) and Priscilla (Acts 18).

Each of these women have played an important role and what we have in common with them is our desire to serve and glorify God.

These women were not exceptional, they lived in a culture where women were not considered, but their obedience, their courage, their faith in God made them women of exception.

This call to amaze our generation, does not consist of attracting the looks on us and being praised by men, but it is about making God known and attracting other women to him by the proclamation of the Gospel. And if you ask yourself “how?”, you just have to stand up with faith where you are, where God placed you with the gifts he gave you and make you available, in order to accomplish the good works he planned ahead for you. Mother Theresa had nothing but she obeyed the word of God “the one who has pity on the poor ready to the Lord, who will return him according to his work. (Proverbs 19.18)

And that’s how she scored her generation.

Come to God with your five breads and two fishes and you will see what he is capable of doing.

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