Sometimes it happens to us when we look at the lives of others, our friends, our neighbours etc… to dream of being and having what they have, a bigger car, beautiful obedient children, a great job or a bigger house. Our dissatisfaction pushes us to envy others. To be like them.
Our problem is that we are not aware of who we are in Christ and what we possess in him. This desire to be like, we have all one day expressed legitimately or not, and for a very long time it was the major problem of the people of Israel.

We see in the A. T that from the beginning of his Covenant with God, Israel expressed the desire to be similar to other Nations, but God’s plan was that Israel be his people, a Kingdom of priests, a Holy nation, his child (Exodus 19.5, Hosea 11.1, Dt 1.31).

This desire to resemble other Nations was manifested by the presence of idols among the people despite the formal prohibition of God. So that idolatry was the Central and dominant sin in Israel generation after generation. In 1 Samuel 8.1 to 8, God acknowledges that since his release from Egypt the people of Israel have not been faithful to him and that the heart is twofold. Hence the demand of the people to have a King to govern on them (verse 5). But God had always acted thus towards them as a good King who gave everything for the well-being of his people, unlike the Kings of this world whose right this sums up to a single word “take” (Ch8 11à18). God had shown himself to be good and faithful to his people, but he had not recognized him as such. The people thought they would solve their problems by rejecting God, but the rest of the events showed the opposite. Without God it is impossible to carry out his life!

If man believes he can live happily away from God, he is mistaken because far from him is death. Let us not make the same mistake as the people of Israel who by its obstinacy caused its ruin believing to find in the person of a human King salvation (Hoée 13.1 à11). Let us find in God our full satisfaction, we will not look elsewhere what he alone can give. Let our decisions and choices reflect our belonging to God, let us entrust our entire life.

My prayer is that we realize that we have fully received in God. We are happy because we have known that Jesus is Christ! Let us therefore seek first to live under and according to the reign of the true King who sacrificed what he has most precious his son for our eternal salvation.

During this week, I invite you to meditate on these two questions:

Is God the King of my life?

How is his reign manifest in my life?

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