Man has uncontrollable emotions likely to cause him to do scary things. These emotions push us to have bad decisions that prevent us from approaching God and so we lose many blessings. God wants to heal us from that.

I. stand before God

The child of God must stand before his father with every difficulty because he knows that he is able to give him a real answer. Sometimes our emotions deceive us because we do not grasp spiritual things. Joseph was sold as a slave by his brethren, however he did not have a grudge against them and did not let himself be directed by his emotions because he had seized their spiritual state (jealousy, envy, anger…). We must be able to see the spiritual background of those around us, knowing that without Jesus the men remain without strength to do good. We have to look at things with the spiritual eye in order to avoid bad judgment and the risk of living with hidden wounds.

Ii. Get the strength that even exceeds our sentimental wounds

God wants to give us the spiritual power that will allow us to overcome our difficulties. It is the grace that we must continually receive through worship, in order to be truly healed. Paul prayed for his illness and although he was not healed, he received the power of God to evangelize the world. This disease was no longer a problem for him. The peace of God protects our souls and our thoughts.

Iii. Being happy with the Gospel

We are children of God, so we possess all things and all our problems are solved in Jesus Christ. This one truth must allow us to rejoice at all times, for the joy of a true disciple does not depend on what he possesses or not, but on the Gospel. True rejoicing comes from our understanding of “who is Christ” and so we will not be influenced or disturbed by our Entourage.


As soon as we realize that we possess the spiritual power that allows us to overcome our difficulties, we can grasp God’s plan in every situation. In the face of great problems, God has a great plan and his power makes us triumph.

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