Acts 19:20 ~ 21 20 Saul sent people to take David. They saw an assembly of prophets who prophesied, having Samuel at their head. The spirit of God seized the envoys of Saul and they also began to prophesy themselves. 21 he was reported to Saul, who sent other people and also prophesied. He sent it again for the third time and they also prophesied.

The resolution we take in rejoicing at God's blessing with us will yield important results. But most people are not able to take it, but hesitate or fall apart in disbelief. What kind of works happen if we grasp what God desires in the Covenant and take a resolution before God's absolute plan? So what kind of resolution should we take?

1. Discover the resolution of "only"

We must take Jesus ' given resolution of "only". To take the resolution of "only" is to come to the conclusion that only Christ is sufficient, complete and eternal. Also, as Martin Luther took the faith resolution concerning the Gospel, which had been missing for 1500 years, it is important that we take this resolution at the right time. In the same way, God has had no choice but to work through Joseph and Moses who have taken the resolution to accomplish world evangelization through Egypt. Their common characteristic was the resolution to change their master into the content of only Christ, the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit.

2. The resolution of uniqueness and patience

After discovering and solving the content of "only", let's wait for the uniqueness response. It is impossible to accomplish the kingdom of God with our level. Thus, when we look forward to the Covenant of God with us, the Kingdom of God will be established. This achievement of the Covenant is only possible by the level, standard and criteria of God.

3. Re-creation resolution

We can find the re-creation resolution in the answer that occurred in the upper chamber of Marc. The people who saw "only" and the uniqueness in this place gathered together by seizing the certain Alliance. God gave them the blessing of re-creation that changes the culture of all regions. Peter and John experienced this response, lifted the lame man seated in front of the temple Gate called the Belle at the time of prayer and saved the land. It is the resolution of the re-creation that occurred in Acts 3.
Lord! May we take the resolution that Christ is sufficient, complete and eternal and wait for the Kingdom of God. Moreover, that we can experience the works of re-creation on the field.

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