Born into a Catholic family of 5 children of which I am the second, my parents divorced when I was 8 years old. Since then I have suffered a lot from family conflicts. My parents remarried. My mother had five other children with her new husband. My father married a Christian he had met and through whom he accepted Jesus.

I was 12 years old the first time when I was in an evangelical church. I have never been interested in the gospel, I wanted to do what I wanted and my life to begin to take a catastrophic turn. I couldn’t get along with my father and mother-in-law so much that I had to go live with my mother at the age of 16. I started to drug myself and drink, with my father-in-law it was not good because I was rebellious and I did not want to abide by the rules he had set. One day we fought violently because of that, and on that day, I went to live with a friend. From then on, my situation got worse: I became addicted to alcohol and drugs and I was part of one of the most violent bands in the region. We fought regularly with other bands (sometimes with weapons), many of us have already been wounded (including me) and we have also wounded several. In all this, three of my friends died with a knife. We were doing all kinds of traffic (drugs, smuggling, stolen cheques…). I made several stays in custody and went to court several times but God made me thank you never to go to jail…
At the age of 24, I felt the need to seek God. In that same period I started dating a friend I knew and went to church. She spoke to me about God and invited me several times to go to church. As I was wary of churches, I went only once. Then I continued to live my life.

But on a Sunday morning, I woke up with one idea in mind “go to church”.  I was troubled to have such a thought, I did not understand. So I called my friend and left with her at the church. There, the Lord spoke to me personally through preaching, the pastor was talking about my life. This is where I accepted Jesus and my life changed. I was 25 years old. I would never have imagined before that day that I was a slave of the devil, but the grace of God has reached me.

Since that day I have never missed a program of the church. Jesus delivered me alcohol and drugs in 3 days. I got rid of all the narcotics I had at home. The Lord taught me to forgive and even more, he allowed me to evangelize some old enemies. My transformation has challenged many of my friends, co-workers and especially my family. Today I get along very well with all the members of my family who have almost all accepted Jesus.
The friend the Lord used so that I could meet him became my wife. I give thanks to God for the blessing that she has been and that she continues to be for me.

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