Romans 16:25

God has called us as evangelists who relay the Gospel that had been hidden for centuries. Although many people do things that are contrary to the Gospel, this problem is a long time and people do not even realize that this is a problem. For this reason, God has called us as evangelists who give the answer to the field and give the answer to those things that date from long ago, and like those who heal the ground. There are facts that we need to know for that. What are they?

1. The purpose of long-standing problems

In the hidden problems that date from a long time, there is a purpose. 90% of people live with difficulties of their realization and their spiritual problems accumulate and the remaining 10% live successfully from their own efforts, but they are not able to escape the 12 problems of Satan. The 7 remnants in the Bible were evangelists who gave the answer to the problems of the field that date from long ago. There were people whom God used in the midst of the problems of Israel which was not centered on God, and which dated from a long time. It was Samuel and David who aligned themselves with the vision and direction of God. In this way God has absolutely accomplished the Covenant towards the people who seized it.

2. Content that changes

Satan disguises himself as an Angel of light and attracts people into the trap that makes them egocentric, material-centric and success-centered. (Genesis 3, 6, 11). This makes them ignore the “me God did” and “the things that God has done and belong to me” by creating the paradigm of shamanism, divination and the culture of idols (acts 13, 16, 19) and dropping them into the 6 States of non-believers. God desires to use us to give the answer of the Gospel and save the land where the culture made by Satan has been established. We must grasp the Gospel and receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the ground.

3. Changing people, churches, family lines and terrain

God has called us as evangelists who will save the people, the churches, the family lines and the land equipped with Christ which is the greatest mystery. Among the 7 remnants, David glorified himself from God in front of Goliath, likewise for Joseph against Potiphar and King Pharaoh. Just by sharing the fact that God is with us, the problems that have long been printed on the ground will be healed.
Lord! May I save the land with the Gospel and set me up as an evangelist who solves with the Gospel the problems that have long been on the ground.

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