Acts 2:42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

There is a message in which the Word of God that is at work on the ground is fulfilled and its contents also. This is the strategy of the Evangelical movement. What should we do with this strategy?

1. Concentration (center)

If we have the strength to focus on God as Joseph, we will be able to experience the fulfillment of the word. If we only seize the Covenant right where we are, God will accurately concretize this alliance. It is because God is looking for those who focus on this work. So, so to speak, if we remain in his Word, God leads us by her on the path that we must follow.

2. The Impressions of the Gospel (the letter of the Gospel), the Roots of the word (the 10 platforms), the Life style of prayer (5 insurances)

If we find and permeate our identities in the Gospel through which everything is accomplished, Satan will not be able to defeat us. If we discover the value of the word and build on our life, we will begin to take root in it. Since we are children of God saved, he responds to our prayers. It is the mystery of having victory in any circumstance. God put an end to all the disasters and curses and being with us, he promised to establish us as witnesses. If we pray with this assurance, we will be able to discover the joyful “only”, uniqueness and recreation. If we do this experiment, we will begin to listen and meditate on the word. We can start now.

3. My Gospel, My evangelization

From now on, we can think of one thing. “My Gospel” and “My Evangelization”. When we discover this, we realize that we only need one thing. Pastors can go “in total consecration” and preach the good gospel more than once to all the people of the region and the lay leaders of the church can begin to pray for the 3 kinds of disciples (the Secret Brigade, the Ministry of Remnants and the Saints Masons). The Remnants can start praying to find the 3 summits (the spiritual summit, the skill Summit, the Cultural Summit). In this way, if we realize “my Gospel” and “My Evangelization”, other answers will follow.

Lord, help me grasp the message that will save souls and my life response and that your word be fulfilled today.

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