All that we are brought to do as a Christian, we must do it only for the glory of God by reminding us that we are saved by faith and not by works. However, faith only has value if it is accompanied by the works (James 2:14-26). We must therefore, that our faith be active in order to prosper God’s plan.

If the glasses with its different lenses (progressive, close, by far, antireflective…) allow a better view, the Lord, he, wants to open our spiritual eyes so that we can see all the needs of the local church, our Entourage and the global mission. Thus by the conduct of the Holy Spirit we will not be influenced by the world or dazzled by the reflections of his false light.

Indeed, the Church is called to go from place to place as light in order to enlighten the darkness that covers the world. We must first accept that God points his finger at the lesser of our sin that hides in us (ex: the six husbands of the Samaritan). By Word and prayer, allow God to heal our temperament and liberate us from all disbelief. We receive from the Holy Spirit the power to overcome all our limits and to bear fruit in order to be true witnesses of Christ. Let us therefore realise that we are each useful for his work.

That is why the Lord wants us, out of love, to devote ourselves to it, not for reasons. For, if at work we do overtime to earn more money, believe that in Jesus we have already fully received (Colossians 2:10).

For our faith to be firm and to be transformed in depth, we must be assiduous to the cults. It is at this place that God wants to meet us, to speak to us the example of the Samaritan woman at the edge of the well. We must listen to the Lord and obey him, totally subjecting ourselves to the Gospel.

If we seize our identity, that is to say heir to the Kingdom of God, we will stop giving excuses that prevent us from fully serving his plan (work, fatigue, appointments, children, problems,…).

We will then, with joy and freedom, put all that we are and possess at its disposal (person, time, family, property, finances,…). We must love to do the will of God and his work, preach the Gospel (Jn. 4:34). Our testimony must precede us to open the hearts of those who will listen to us. The people of the village were prepared by the testimony of the Samaritan before believing in Jesus. Like the Christians of the Church of Thessaloniki, let God make us true models of faith so that the hearts of the non-believers will open to the Gospel (1 Thessalonians 1:1-8).

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