We must restore our way of coming to worship, understanding that we come to meet our God who wants to speak with us personally. He knows and controls everything, he is the creator and all the elements obey him (wind, sea, fish…). So we have nothing to fear in the face of unforeseen events, but let us simply heed the way we listen to the word.

I. God allows the crisis to attract our attention

Peter was an experienced professional, he was well acquainted with his trade as well as the Lake of Gennesaret. Despite his qualifications, he could not get any fish out of the water after a night’s work. Resigned, Peter washed his nets because he had no hope of sinning anything but, God who knew the plan he had for him had allowed this event. We may feel that we are failing sometimes and even in areas that have worked well, but we must never give up. Let us not despair either when the answers are slow to arrive while we have prayed or even fased for years. The Lord who loves us, sometimes allows us to go through crises to attract our attention, and urge us to turn to him as we return to prayer. So let us endure with hope because the miracle is near.

II. God wants our boat (life)

All that we are, all that we possess (talents, careers, goods, finances…) comes only from the grace of God, who wants us to be conscious and thankful. Thus, let us leave the first place in our lives, making ourselves available in all respects to prosper his plan of salvation for mankind. This is how Jesus arriving at Peter, though he knew of his situation, did nothing but ask his boat to teach the crowd that was present. It is only after the Lord tells him to go and throw the net in order to experience the miraculous fishery.

III. Let us be obedient

If the miracle happened, it was because Peter followed the direction of the master. We who are Christians, we have already brought Christ up in our boat, but does he reign? Is he the captain or a passenger? God wants us to go deep into his word and to be attentive to the direction he gives us during personal sermons and meditations. If we obey, we shall live in his glory, but if we neglect the messages of Sunday, we will not receive graces and we will fail well as children of God.

Conclusion: If we invest in the Kingdom of God we will never miss anything and success will be assured. Some things do not work because we do not abandon everything to the Lord. If this is the case, try again where the failure had settled but leaving Jesus this time to sit in the boat.

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