People seem to be well acquainted with the realities of our physical world, but concerning the spiritual universe, they remain ignorant. Yet it is from the latter that all our problems come (Eph 6:12-18). Just like God, the devil and the Demons exist. This ignorance makes that before the difficulties of daily life (divorces, illnesses, personal and professional failures…), many of our fellow citizens turn away from God to go to clairvoyance, occultism, false doctrines… . As Jesus did in his day, can we bring the real answers today?

I. Satan is the enemy of all men

The devil is an angel who was with God, but one day pride was found in him because he was expelled from heaven accompanied by a few fallen angels. Satan is already condemned and what he wants is to bring the maximum of souls with him. For this, he always used the same things to tempt man (money, sex, lust, pride…). It is through individuals that he seeks to influence other individuals, families, even cities of the countries (Jn 10:10). We who are children of God must be careful not to allow access to the Devil (Eph 4:25-27) that goes through the lie to disturb the church and seduce the people. Let us therefore seek to root ourselves in the word and walk faithfully according to her so that our prayers, in favor of the nation, are effective because its fate depends on it.

Ii. First Receive Graces

Before we can change the terrain, we must first let the Lord change us by his word. We only have to stay attached to Christ to bear fruit, like a branch attached to a trunk (Jn 15:5-16). To receive graces is to properly understand the gospel which is the Supreme (spiritual) blessing that contains everything we need. The more graces we receive, the more we realize that we continually need them. Let us humiliate ourselves before the word because we must be cured of our past, of our habits and of our disbelief.

Iii. The Sentry never Sleeps

The sentry is a person who gives the alert to warn the people of a danger. It must therefore ensure 24/24 H. God establishes us as the spiritual sentinels of the place where he places us (France). We must proclaim the gospel to all those around us and to all those whom we meet so that they come to salvation, otherwise God will ask us for their blood (Ez 3:16-18; Pr 24:11-12). Let us therefore always be ready and available, such as priests, in order to be a source of blessing as Jesus was.

Being Christians, let us be the light shining in the Darkness (Isaiah 60:1-3), bringing the only true answer “Jesus is Christ”. The material answers will never be able to replace Christ’s spiritual response.

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