Who are we?

Who are we?

…  And I tell you that you are Peter,  and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it…. Matthew 16:18


Creation de la LGDE

The LGDE is a Protestant Evangelic Church member of the CEAF and the Protestant Federation of France created in October 1996 by Pastor SUKU.

During a missionary journey in 1991, we received revelation from the Lord that everything is grace and that Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the grace of God.

In 1993, we began to meet at home and in 1996, we created the Association: la Grâce de l´Eternel.


God is the missionary par excellence! Out of love for mankind, he sent Jesus to reconcile all things to him, all creation, including us. And in our turn, Jesus sends us into the world reconciling God and humans.

Our mission is therefore in the image of Jesus: to love, to serve, to train disciples, to influence and impact society by the message of the Gospel.


Build a church that aims to reach through the message of the Gospel our city and neighboring lands…

A church where different Nations will be gathered to celebrate God together

We dream of a place where the good news of Jesus Christ will be announced to thousands of people and will have an impact on their lives, leading them to sincere repentance.

To see thousands of families transformed by the message of the Gospel and consecrated to God.

We dream of a hospital church where those who are wounded, loaded and wandering can find love, peace, a new family, hope, forgiveness

A place of formation, where each believer can develop and attain a spiritual maturity through biblical studies, seminaries…

We dream of a place where children and young people can discover their identity in Christ by listening to the word of God, a place where they can discover their gifts and talents and put them at the service of the Church and society.

A missionary Church passionate about the salvation of souls and sending hundreds of missionaries and workers all over the world to preach the Gospel.

I see an influential and invested Church in its city, offering the inhabitants love and service.

Together we will get there!

Pasteur Gilbert Suku